Double Fishtail Half Up

Hello girls! This hairstyle is definitely for the fishtail lovers. I’m sure many of you might know how to do a regular fishtail braid. Here I did double fishtail braid half up. I started off with side parting and began to braid dutch fishtails. Continue to braid till the end of the hair. At this point you need to merge both the braid at the back of the head, taking a chunk of hair from the other side of parting as well and secure it with elastic.

You can wear this hairstyle at holidays, housewarming, puja, festivals, concerts, sangeet, mehandi and so on.


You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hair elastics, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Taken: 10-12 mins

Skill Level:  Medium

Hair Length: Medium to Long Hair


Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin by deep side parting the hair, separate the heavier section down to the ear.
  2. Secure the rest of hair with an elastic to stay out of place.
  3. Now, create two section of equal size, about 2 inches
  4. Begin with the front section hair by grabbing the small section & divide the hair into 2 strands.
  5. Then pick a tiny strand of hair from left side section, cross it under left strand and add it to right side strand.
  6. Then pick a tiny strand of hair from right side section, cross it under the right strand and add it to left side strand. ( the First stitch of the dutch fishtail is complete now).
  7. Now repeat the steps 5-6 by adding hair, once you reach around ear start braiding without adding the new hair.
  8. Do the exact same thing with the other section as well. Repeat the steps 4-7.
  9. Now gather both the braids at the back of head and take the chunk of hair from the other side of parting as well. Secure the braid and the hair with elastic at the center.
  10. Wrap a piece of hair around elastic. Finish it with hair spray.

You’re done!

Happy Braiding..

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