Woven Fishtail Updo

Since my hair is currently pretty long, I’m constantly on the lookout for new braiding techniques to try. This woven fishtail updo is a spice of fishtail which is amazing alternative for updos’. Though it looks complicated, the woven fishtail updo is just with extra strands. The pattern might be tricky to pick up at first, but I have no doubt that you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hair elastics, bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Taken: 8-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Hair Length: Medium to Long Hair

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin with side parting you hair, taking all the hair at the back of head, divide the hair into two equal sections.
  2. Now take those two sections and divide it into two sections, divide it such that the outer most sections be slightly bigger than the inner ones. You’ll have four strand in hand now.
  3. Take a small strand of hair from outer left section cross it over, under 2nd section, over 3rd and add into the 4th section.
  4. Now, take a small section of hair from right side cross it over, under 3rd section, over 2nd section and add into 1st section.
  5. Repeat the steps #3-4 until it you run out of hair.
  6. Finish the braid with regular 3 strand braid and secure it with elastic.
  7. Now roll the braid until you reach nape of neck, hiding the regular braid so that only basket weave pattern is visible. Secure the braid with bobby pins from underneath.

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Happy Braiding..

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