Upside down french braid with twisted bun

Hello! Today’s hairstyle is upside down french braid with twisted bun. Upside down french braid might be little difficult for the beginners reason being that you cannot see it while braiding. It’s more of blind’s job.  But if you do it with patience you can definitely do it. Upside down dutch braid is also a nice option with bun.

You’ll Need: Brush, bun maker/donut, rat-tail comb, elastic, bobby pins, spray bottle, hairspray {if required}

Time Taken:10-12 mins

Skill Level: Hard

Hair Length: Medium to long hair

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Separate off the section of hair from ear to ear at the back. Keep aside the hair from front of head.
  2. Now begin with the french braid starting from nape of head.
  3. Take the outermost strands over the middle one, continue till all the hair is incorporated. You wanna do regular 3 strand braid till end of hair.
  4. Now release the front section hair and grab all the hair into a high ponytail at crown area including the regular 3 strand braid.
  5. Slide the bun maker through the ponytail, spread the ponytail hair evenly over the bun. Make sure to release the regular braid once bun maker is fixed.
  6. Take elastic and put over the bun gently.
  7. Grab the rest of the hair and start twisting the hair till the end of hair.
  8. Wrap the twist around the bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Happy Braiding.

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