Updo with curls for long hair


Hello! I did this updo a while ago on one of my client. It looked stunning. So one of her relative came to me with a request to do the exact same updo I did on her. She wanted this updo for her baby’s first birthday.

You’ll Need: Brush, curling iron, rat-tail comb, elastic, bobby pins, spray bottle, hairspray {if required}

Time Taken:15-17 mins

Skill Level: Medium

Hair Length: Any hair length

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Section of hair from ears down to the nape of neck.
  2. Tie those hairs by making a low bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins.
  3. Now take the tiny sections of hair about ½ inch from ear to ear.
  4. Begin by taking the square section & start curling the hair taking the ends & gradually roll it upwards till top of the head around the wand or curling iron of about 1” in size. Keep using hair spray to keep the hair intact.
  5. Continue doing this till all this hair is curled.
  6. Now grab all the curled hair towards the bun & start bobby pinning them around the bun.
  7. Add hair accessory & hairspray for final touches.

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