Low bun with lace braid


Hello all! This hairstyle with low bun and lace braid is ideal for middle aged ladies for the marriage occasions. I always get many clients who wants low bun. I did something creative with this bun, I have added braided flower over the bun. At the top I did lace braid. The hairstyle looked elegant, what’s say?

You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, bun maker, spray bottle, bobby pins, hair elastic, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Taken: 10-12 mins

Skill Level: Medium

Hair Length: Any hair length

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin with side parting your hair, leave a section of about 1 inch from parting to till ears aside.
  2. Now grab a section of hair parallel to that section and split it in 3 sections.
  3. Take the inner strand over the middle one & outer parting over the middle strand.
  4. Then keep adding the new strand of hair to the outer most strand, which form the lace braid.
  5. Continue to braid till ear, and then carry on with regular 3 strand braid till the end of hair.
  6. Now take the remaining hair, split it in half horizontally, clip aside the upper section.
  7. Take the lower section and make a ponytail, get the bun maker and place it under the ends of ponytail, gradually begin to roll the bun maker upwards till the base of ponytail.
  8. Now secure the bun maker with bobby pins, then gently spread the hair over the bun maker to hide it. Bobby pin the hair if needed.
  9. Grab the upper section hair and start teasing to make a puff, once teased smoothen it out and secure the hair with pins making a puff.
  10. Take the rest of the hair from puff and divide it into half.
  11. Start braiding 3 strand braids with both the sections till the end of hair.
  12. At this time take front section which is clipped aside and a lace braid, pin both of them over the bun.
  13. Then take those braids and starting rolling by taking ends to make flower.
  14. Secure it with bobby pins.
  15. Add hairspray.

Happy braiding…

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