Honey Comb Braid


This honey bee comb braid is similar to the chain braid. Well! The chain braid is a single chain of circles but the honey bee comb is three chain connected together. The idea of this braid is inspired by the princess hairstyle! She is a talented braider.

To keep the braid neat is not that tricky! Keeping the hair wet prevents the flyaways. Another option is to use hair wax or gel but that would make the hair sticky. Though for some hair texture it is advisable to use it.

You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, bobby pins, hair elastic, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Taken: 4-5 mins

Skill Level: Medium

Hair Length: Medium to long hair

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin with side parting your hair; now create a very tiny section parallel to the parting.
  2. Divide the section into 6 equal strands, make it wet to avoid flyaways.
  3. Now take first strands and begin to make a chain by tying a lose knot, repeat till the end of hair and secure it clip.
  4. Then take the third strand, pass it through the first circle and tie a knot taking the 4th
  5. Continue passing the strand through the circles each time taking a stitch. (Pass the strand just next to the first chain).
  6. Repeat the exact same thing for the 5-6th strand as well.
  7. Take the ends of all the chain and secure it with bobby pins at the back of head.

Happy Braiding

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