Half up curls


Curls give life to probably any hairstyle! I know many of you like the style with straight hair. However for wedding occasion, hairstyles with curls look the best! I did this hairstyle for the baby shower occasion. For her main function I did rosette updo but ever since that day she wanted hairstyle with curls for the photo shoot.

I have used 18 mm curling iron for the curls. I have curled each strand away from the face, and then hold it there for a few seconds. Then hairspray the each strand to keep curl intact.

You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, bobby pins, 18mm curling iron, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Taken: 15 mins

Skill Level: Easy

Hair Length: Any hair length

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting your hair into three sections, a top layer, middle layer, and bottom layer.
  2. Start curling the hair using 18 mm curling iron by wrapping each strand away from your face.
  3. Once you have finished curling the bottom layer, drop down the second layer of hair and continue curling…
  4. Once you finish the top section, begin with from side to side.
  5. After all the hair is curled, grab the tiny piece of hair from temple area and gently twist the strand and pull the edges and pin at the back of head.
  6. Repeat on the other side as well.
  7. Add hair accessory and hairspray if needed.

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