Fishtail Crown

Braided crown is just great for any occasion. Whether you want something simple or chic hairstyle to keep your hair out of way, or for some special occasion, crown style is a way to go!

I did this hairstyle on a vacation! So try out this hairstyle if you want something unique.

You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, elastic, bobby pins, spray bottle, hairspray {if required}

Time Taken:7-8 mins

Skill Level: easy

Hair Length: Medium to Long hair length

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Start off with side parting the hair; divide the hair into 2 sections.
  2. Take one of the sections & start with regular 3 strand braid, braid till the end of hair & secure the hair with elastic.
  3. Do the exact same thing with the other section of hair as well. Pancake both the braids to give a dreamy look.
  4. Now that you have 2 braids, cross them across the head one next to the other & secure the braids with bobby pins.
  5. Hide the ends under the braid.
  6. Add hairspray & accessories if you want.

Happy Braiding..

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