Double Twin Dutch Braid With Bun

Double Twin Dutch Braid is actually 4 dutch braids with bun. Dutch braids and buns is hot these days. So why not to try! Many of you might have seen double dutch braid with top knot. Perhaps that is the easiest style to do.

You can wear this hairstyle at work, holidays, everyday, and meeting.


You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hair elastics, bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Taken: 8-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Hair Length: Any hair length

Steps of Instructions:

    1. Start off with the center parting your hair, then again divide the hair into 2 sections on each side making the section of approx 2 inch in size.
    2. Now begin to dutch braid each section till the crown area, after that you can braid a regular 3 strand braid.
    3. Grab all the hair into a high ponytail, taking those braids as well. You can release the braid if you want smooth bun. ( I kept braid as it is, you can see the braids in bun)
    4. You need to tease the ponytail to give volume and wrap it around the base of ponytail to make a voluminous bun.
    5. Add hairspray and you are done.

    Happy Braiding..

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