Chignon with ROsette


This is the very first time I’m trying chignon. So I have decided to do on mannequin. On the top of chignon is a rosette. The technique use to make rosette is different than the regular one. Alluminum foils are used to create the rosette. This technique is much simple & the finishing is also upto the mark.

You can wear this hairstyle for any formal event or wedding. It would look perfect with gown, formals dress, skirts.

You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, elastic, bobby pins, spray bottle, hairspray {if required}

Time Taken:15 mins

Skill Level: Hard

Hair Length: Medium to long hair.

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin by grabbing all the hair into high ponytail.
  2. Now pick a tiny section of hair from top of ponytail & keep it aside.
  3. Start teasing all the hair of ponytail from underneath.
  4. Then brush the hair to smoothen it out & secure the hair taking ends underneath the bun with bobby pins.
  5. Now grab the front section of hair which is clipped aside, take the 2 aluminum foil equal to the hair length.
  6. Spread the hair piece in between those foils, then taking the ends start folding the foil about 1 inch in a zigzag pattern.
  7. Once you reach till top of hair piece, take straighter & begin to straighten the folded foil to give the hair the zigzag pattern.
  8. After that remove the foils keeping it intact (don’t unfold).
  9. Then roll the hair taking the edges in a circular pattern & pin it in place, thus a rosette is shaped.
  10. Hairspray to keep everything in place.
  11. Add accessories if you like.

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