Bun with Twist


Donut buns are the easiest in updo styles. Today I did bun with a twist around it. A lot of combination & variations can be put together with donut bun style. If you are beginner in hairstyles and want to do different style, bun is the best choice.

You can wear this style at work, meeting, formal event, day out..

You’ll Need: Brush, elastic, rat-tail comb, bobby pins, spray bottle, hairspray {if required}

Time Taken:4-5 mins

Skill Level: Easy

Hair Length: Any hair Length. (Not too short)

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin by securing the hair into high ponytail.
  2. Slide the bun maker or the donut into the high ponytail..
  3. Cover the hair evenly over the bun maker, use comb to even it out.
  4. Take another elastic & secure over the top of new covered hair bun.
  5. Then slide down the left over hair under the bun.
  6. Then begin by grabbing 2 strands & start twisting the hair from the base, carefully adding new hair from the remaining hair into twist as you go around.
  7. When you run out of hair, bobby pin the end in place .
  8. Hairspray if needed.

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