bun with braided flower


Hello!! Today bun is really cute! I have attached the braided flower onto the side of bun. It’s not a clip in pins but it’s the hair braided flower with hair.

I did this hairstyle on my client for the navratri. This is so manageable while doing garba plus all the hair is up so much relief in feeling hot.

You’ll Need: Brush, elastic, rat-tail comb, bobby pins, spray bottle, hairspray {if required}

Time Taken:4-5 mins

Skill Level: Easy

Hair Length: Any hair Length. (Not too short)

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin by securing the hair into high ponytail.
  2. Then section off about 1 inch piece of hair & keep it aside.
  3. Slide the bun maker or the donut into the high ponytail, leaving the 1 inch section underneath..
  4. Cover the hair evenly over the bun maker, use comb to even it out.
  5. Take another elastic & secure over the top of new covered hair bun.
  6. Then begin by twisting the remaining hair from the base, carefully adding the remaining hair into twist as you go around.
  7. When you run out of hair, bobby pin the end in place.
  8. Now release the small section kept aside, start with regular 3 strand braid & braid it till the end of hair.
  9. Now begin to roll the braid taking ends in a circular pattern, thus making a rosette or braided flower shape.
  10. Place the flower on side of the bun & secure it with bobby pins.
  11. Hairspray if needed.

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