Bridal Rose updo


Hey guys! This hairdo is one of my favorites. I have seen this hairstyle on Instagram by Farrukh Shamuratov. Since then I have been trying this for a long time but couldn’t do it neatly. After trying for a couple of times, I could finally be able to do it.

Step by step instruction would be difficult for this kind of hairstyle. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do justice with it. But I’m surely giving it a try atleast.

I did this hairstyle on the new year with an indo-western outfit. This hairstyle is best for the bridal, reception, festivals.

You’ll Need: Brush, elastic, rat-tail comb, spray bottle,bobby pins, hairspray

Time Taken: 20 mins

Skill Level: Hard

Hair Length: Long hair

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin by side parting the hair, separate the section of hair down to the ear & clip it aside.
  2. Now take all the hair & make a side ponytail. Spray sufficient amount of hairspray to avoid flyaways for the sleek look.
  3. Now divide the ponytail hair into 4 sections. (3 of equal size & 1 tiny).
  4. Begin with a regular braid, after taking 2 stitch pancake only one side of it. Continue this till 4-5 stitches & braid a regular braid with leftover hair.
  5. Do the above steps for another 2 sections also.
  6. Now take the tiny section of hair, spread the hair about 1-2 inch & hairspray it.
  7. Then make a round or a roll & place it around the ponytail & pin it.
  8. Now take the leftover hair & pull it as if you are pancaking(not more than 2 inches size), pin it around the roll. Thus making a petal kind shape.
  9. Do the above step till you run out of hair.
  10. Now take those braids & start wrapping around the mini rose. Secure everything with bobby pins.
  11. Take the sections the front & place as suitable on face & wrap the remaining hair around the rosette.
  12. Finish with hairspray.

Happy Braiding.

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