5 Strand Dutch braid with bun

Hi Guys! Today lets talk about the how to do 5 strand dutch braid with bun. I did this hairstyle on my friend. She always wants me to dress her hair. As she was attending marriage function, I did an updo which looks more elegant on saree.

This hairstyle is slightly different in the way that it is braided diagonally over head with a bun on one side. I have added orchid with bun. Fresh flower always looks beautiful on any hairstyle. Also I would recommend to wet down the hair before braiding.

You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hair elastics, bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Taken: 15 mins

Skill Level: Hard

Hair Length: Medium to long hair

Steps of Instructions:

  1. Begin by wetting down the hair.
  2. Now side parting the hair, now pick a section of hair from lighter section and divide it into 3 equal strand.
  3. Then cross the 1st strand over middle strand, 3rd strand over middle strand.
  4. Now add new strand from left side (equal in size of other 3 strands) and cross it under 1st strand over middle strand.
  5. Then add new strand from right side (equal in size of other 3 strands) and cross it under 3rd strand over middle strand(i.e new added strand). First stitch of 5 strand Braid is complete now.
  6. Lets name the strand to make it more clear. 1st strand (from left side), 2nd strand (just next to 1st strand), 3rd strand or middle strand, 5th strand (from right side), 4th strand (just previous to 5th strand).
  7. Now add new hair to 1st strand, cross it under 2nd strand and over 3rd strand or middle strand.
  8. Then add new hair to 5th strand, cross it under 4th strand and over middle strand. (While taking a stitch from 5th strand, the middle strand is the new added hair to 1st This is the key to braid).
  9. The first stitch of the 5 strand braid is complete now.
  10. Continue to braid by repeating the steps 6-7 diagonally till you reach other side of ear.
  11. Once you reach the other side of ear, scoop up all hair into ponytail & secure it with an elastic .
  12. Feel free to finish it off by braiding the hair into regular 3 strand braid and twist it up into a bun.
  13. Simply add bobby pins to secure bun into place.
  14. Add flower or any hair accessories (It’s totally optional)
  15. Add hairspray. (if required)

Happy Braiding!!

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