4 Strand Stacked Braid

As you’ll know that 4 strand braid is one of my favorite kind of braids. So today I have decided to side braid which is stacked braid. It’s basically two 4 strand braid which is put together into a single braid. I wore this style on a day out. This hairstyle would be perfect for holidays, work, party. There can be lots of combinations done with 4 strand braid to style your hair. You’ll Need: Brush, rat-tail comb, bobby pins, spray bottle,hair elastics, hairspray {if desired}. Time Taken: 10 mins Skill Level: Medium Hair Length: Medium to Long Hair Steps of Instructions: Begin by side parting your hair and pick a section of hair below ears and clip it aside. Now grab the remaining hair onto one side and divide the hair into 4 strands, make sure that 3rd strand should be tiny in comparison to other three strands (This is the key to braid). Then cross 1st strand over 2nd strand  under 3rd strand (tiny strand), 4th strand under 1st strand and over 3rd strand. (First stitch of 4 Strand braid is complete now). 3rd Strand (tiny strand) would always be at the 3rd place (this is the key,in case you get confused while braiding). Continue braiding till you reach the end of hair. Now take […]
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